This week at school 
23rd - 27th February 
Breakfast Club 8.00am 
After schools 
Guitar Lessons P6-7 
3PM -4PM 
Breakfast Club 8.00am 
P2 Literacy Club 
After schools 
Breakfast Club 8.00am 
P1 Literacy Club 
After schools 
Breakfast Club 8.00am 
Football - P1-3 2- 3pm 
P4-7 3 - 4pm 
After schools 
Movie Maker P6-7 
Food Club P1-3 2pm-2.50pm 
P4-7 3-4pm 
Breakfast Club 8.00am 
After schools 
Eco Club 
May I take this opportunity of welcoming you and your children to Tullygally Primary School website. 
This website has been designed to give you a background of information about the school and to help you gain some insight into its organisation and management. 
Good communications between home and school will promote a harmonious relationship that will support and encourage your children throughout their stay at Tullygally. 
We hope you enjoy using our website. We hope to update it regularly so keep coming back to see what's new. 
As you can see we are having some work done around the school.  
Thankyou for being patient while the work is under way.  
We look forward to inviting you to come along and have a look around once all is ready.  
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foundation stage & keystage 1 
keystage 2 
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Book Fair  
24th -27th February 
The fair will be held in the new library at the back of the hall.  
Opening times 8.50 am - 9.10 am 
1. 30 pm - 2.15pm 
Primary 3 News 
Primary 3 will be staying until 3pm on a Monday and Tuesday as of Monday 6th October
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